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Insurance Plans

There are many Health Care Plans available in NewJersey. The most common is Obamacare or the ACA (Affordable Care Act). This law requires all individuals to have health insurance. The purpose of this law was to prevent insurance carriers from only accepting healthy individuals into their plans. Since individuals with an existing health condition cost quite a bit more to insure, the idea was to mix thousands of healthy individuals with thousands of unhealthy individuals. In theory, that would balance out the high risk and low risk patients and keep health costs relatively low.

There are also Short Term Medical or “Gap” individual insurance plans. This serves a purpose for people who are in between jobs or only need to be covered for 6 to 11 months. Short Term Medical, known as STM, is usually much less expensive than Obamacare. The consumer also know less about these plans because they are not advertised as much as Obamacare. Yet, all the major health insurance carriers offer these types of plans because they know there is a massive market for these types of plans.

Freedom Matters

What makes this country great is the luxury and freedom to choose your Health Insurance. Every persons needs are different. Short Term Medical policies give the option to choose your deductible, co-insurance, maximum out-of-pocket expense, length of your policy and much more. This flexibility or freedom to choose does matter. You can customize your benefits based on your needs at the time you purchase your health insurance and your budget. You can choose to add preventative care, prescriptions, diagnostic services or all three.

The cost to insure yourself or your family continue to increase. Insurance carriers are privately held corporations who are only interested in making a profit. They are not interested in your health. They are betting more people are going to be healthy than sick. The insurance carrier calculates the risk involved based on the number of healthy and sick people they insure to come up with a premium. A premium is the monthly dollar amount you pay to the insurance carrier for coverage in case you get sick. We will guide you through this maze of insurance to get you the best coverage at the best price.

Not An Option

Leaving you and your loved ones without medical insurance can leave you and your family financially devastated. The #1 cause for filing bankruptcy is medical bills. Affordable health coverage is one of the key ingredients of any family’s risk management plan. Health insurance shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Every man, woman and child has the right to affordable health coverage. You should have the comfort of knowing you won’t have to worry if you get seriously injured or sick. Take advantage of our comprehensive resources and find a policy perfect for you.